kaffee für drei

The chaps had made it to the morning and were now sitting in a small cafe, trying to look inauspicious and keeping very quiet. It turned out the pilot’s German wasn’t as good as he had led on and he had almost got them caught when he indicated three coffees using his three middle fingers, rather than the thumb and first two, as is the usual German way. It took some quick and aggressive talking from Alex, to put the curious cafe owner off the trail.

They had tried discussing a plan of escape in German, but had given that up, as they had realised quickly, that three men in German uniforms, discussing how to get behind British lines, may end up with them being shot as deserters by the Germans.

“Wir sind gefickt.” Alex said.

“Ja, wir sind sehr gefickt.” Charles replied.

It took the pilot a moment, Alex could see him working through the verb tables in his head, before a small smile appeared, which was replaced quickly by a look of forlorn resignation and then.

“Ja gefickt.”

Guten Morgen, Kapitän. Sie sind weit von Ihrer Einheit entfernt, oder?”

They looked up to see a German military policeman.

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