influencing the affluent

“Do you ride Alexa?” Kath asked across the table.

The women were currently engaged in a post dinner game of cards. It was a game Kath hadn’t played before, called Poker. She had just about got the understanding of the rules, but it was apparent that Alexa was the better player, so Kath was resorting to distraction tactics.

“Ride, like, a horse?” Alexa responded.

“Well yes, what else would you ride?”

“There are many things a lady can ride Kath and more things a woman could ride.” Alexa said with more than a little bit of a gleam in her eye.

“Like what? And what could a woman ride that a lady couldn’t?” Kath responded, completely missing Alexa’s insinuations.

“When you are old enough to understand, you will understand.” Alexa replied, then laid down her hand of cards. “A royal flush, the best hand in the game. Lucky me!”

Kath threw her hand down with more than a little irritation. She had barely a pair to match her opponent’s cards and so far had not won one hand.

“One last game? Double or quits?” Alexa said shuffling the cards. “And tell me, what do you do for fun around here?”

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