dinner for one

He waited as the machine buzzed and creaked its way through making his meal. Charlie had been working for twenty hours today and was glad to be back in his apartment, with a scotch and a hot meal slowly being zapped to life.

With a ding, the machine stopped doing whatever it was it did to magically make food. Charlie opened the door and carried the meal to his usual seat in front of the TV.

“OK Siri, turn on the tv.”

The screen flicked to life in front of him, opening up on the page of his great great grandfather’s diary that he had been on at the weekend. He was struggling with the handwriting, well he was struggling with handwriting full stop. He had never had to read cursive script before and it was slowing him down, although the insights he was gaining into his family history made it worthwhile.

He took a mouthful of food, burning the roof of his mouth in the process. The gulp of scotch he took to cool it down, made the whole situation worse rather than better and he was left coughing so much that Siri asked if he required medical assistance.

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