The Future of Targeted killing

I was reading the internet recently, as I do, and found this.

“According to a Teal Group report more than $6 billion is spent each year on developing drone technology worldwide, a number that is expected to double over the next decade.  Almost 90 percent of this spending is expected to be on military applications.  The RAND Corporation notes that 70 nations already have acquired drones, while 50 countries are developing them.  Defense One noted predictions from some experts that “virtually every country on Earth will be able to build or acquire drones capable of firing missiles within the next ten years.” From here

And it blew my mind. What blew my mind further, was that non state actors will have access to drones too. By this I mean, terrorists. Actually I don’t just mean terrorists, I mean police forces, border patrols, any one, they will probably all be armed and in the not too distant future may well be autonomous. How long until we get autonomous drone to drone warfare? Now thats an interesting thought. Watching drones have dogfights above our heads, oh wait no it isn’t, it is terrifying. I can’t help but be led to think of the Terminator movies. The US government already kills people on how they behave, how long until that idea is wholesale around the world and any of us who is deemed to be behaving against the norm gets taken out by an unannounced drone strike?

OK I may be exaggerating, but the next few years to a decade will be a massively pivotal moment in this arena. Unlike nuclear weapons, which assured peace through mutual destruction, the idea of selective killing in fact increases conflict. The process becomes almost risk free. As long as your target selection is good enough, or hidden behind enough layers of bureaucracy to be unaccountable to the average citizen.

We also need to think of non airborne drones. Autonomous submarines patrolling our shorelines, (bye bye boat people). Land based devices such as this. Designed to carry equipment for soldiers, but could be mounted with a rocket launcher or a machine gun fairly easily I would assume. Not to mention the insect sized drones that could hover near you your whole life, watching over your shoulder, ready to call on its big brother to launch a hellfire down on its GPS signal, the minute you accidentally click on that link you shouldn’t have. Or at least call the police on you.

Hold on to your butts, sh*ts about to get crazy.

—AMENDED 12th August 2015—-

Just found this great powerpoint

Wonderful Power Point presentation about the future of unmanned air power. In fact anything by Richard James Aldrich’s site is very interesting on this whole topic. I’d have a read if I were you.

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