The wrong side of history

“Oh Christ.”

Jackson across the desk looked up.


“I’ve just had the mortifying realisation that the wrong side won.”

“What?” Jackson restated.

Patrick said nothing, locked his machine, stood up and left his desk. Jackson looked on as he made his way across the office floor.

Eschewing the lift he smashed through the fire door and began the journey down the 9 flights to the ground floor. As he walked he began speaking his mind out loud, his clarifying thoughts echoing around him.

“If capitalism, no, ah, Capitalism is the logical extension of survival of the fittest then communism. No, Capitalism is survival of the fittest, communism is actually humanity’s response against animalism, a higher thought, lifting us out of nature.”

Patrick stopped on the stairway, reached into his pocket to pull out his phone, touched his finger to the fingerprint scanner and sent a message to his girlfriend.

be back later. x


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