primary urges

Thomas and Charles had eaten breakfast together and were about to do the same thing at lunch, when Alexa appeared in the conservatory of the great house to join them.

“Good morning gentlemen.” She said as she leaned over to kiss Charles.

Charles made an extravagant scene of looking at his pocket watch.

“Good lord, if this is morning, then I’m hesitant to ask what you got up to with my little sister last night.” Charles replied.

“Oh be quiet Charles, it wasn’t anything sordid, we simply went for a ride around the estate. It was my idea, I needed a little air after dinner, Kath was doing me a favour by accompanying me.”

“I’d accompany you.” Thomas said somewhat quicker than he should have done from the other side of the table.

“I’m sure you would Thomas, but I’m not sure what people would think seeing you and I riding around the estate after dark.” Alexa replied.

Charles was looking at his brother, rather incredulously, across his teacup, wondering what on earth had gotten into him. Quite extraordinary.

They had finished lunch before Kath appeared in the doorway.

“Oh gosh, I’ve missed lunch, I must have slept right through!”


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