return of the king

The arrival at the house had been met with some fanfair, which was a little shocking to Charles as he was not expecting it. Kath’s icy response to Alexa, had also led him to believe that she would have poisoned the soup before they appeared, however, this was not the case and the full staff met them at arrival.

Charles was currently being dressed for dinner, well really, he was being dressed for cocktails before dinner, but the attire was the same, full black tie. Alexa had feigned concern that she would not have anything smart enough to keep up with her English counterparts, but Charles had experienced Alexa’s wardrobe in full swing and knew that she would leave the English women in awe and a little jealous.

“What’ O’ Charles, knock knock. Quite a woman you bought back with you from the colonies dear brother. Don’t suppose you bought one for me?”

Charles turned to meet the half dressed vision of his brother, Thomas, stood in the doorway.

“I thought you would have the girls hanging off you with your cricket prowess dearer brother and you’re about to sit your finals, so your mind should be on higher things.”

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