clipped wings

The three survivors of the downed plane, had made their way to a barn of a nearby farm to assess the situation and try to work out where they were. Remarkably the three of them had received no major injuries in the crash and other than the bruised ego of the pilot, all were fighting fit.

They had come down a little east of an occupied village, which itself was about 20 miles behind the German front line. The three had decided that the best bet, being that they were in German military uniforms. Would be to head to the village, try to commandeer a vehicle under the guise of getting back to their unit, then use that to get to an airfield, steal a plane and get home. There was no way they would be able to complete the original mission as planned now.

“What can go wrong?” Alex said to the other two men as they readied themselves to leave the barn.

“You said that about the plane.” Charles responded.

The pilot finished marking up his map, detailing where the plane had gone down and joined the cousins by the door.

“After you.” he said, gesturing to Charles.

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