capability brown

The days the couple had spent in London, had been as pleasurable to Charles as the time they had spent in New York. Seeing the city with Alexa, made the place seem fresh and new again. Her joie de vivre was catching and Charles’ entire staff, after a cool start, had grown to love the yankee house guest. Even cook, despite several attempts to persuade Charles of the dangers of the American’s loose morals, had eventually succumbed to Alexa’s warm charms.

They were now at Paddington Station, awaiting the arrival of the train that would take them into the country and on to Charles’ family seat. Most of the staff had gone down the day before, to ensure the house was ready. So Charles and Alexa were travelling alone, something both were revelling in. During his time in America, Charles had forgotten how many staff were actually in his employment and how little privacy this meant he really had.

“So Charles, what excitement awaits me at Casa Del Yates?” Swimming, Polo?” asked Alexa.

“Swimming! Christ, there’s no swimming bath at the house, don’t think they were invented when Capability Brown designed the gardens.”

“Capability who now? What a delightful name!”

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