feel the power

“Oi, you gonna pay for that mate?”

Charlie froze in the doorway. “No” Charlie continued walking.

As he walked down the road a smile spread across his face, he could get used to this life. Before the smile spread too far though, he heard the sound of running feet behind him, he turned to see who it was, just as the hand that was meant to land on his shoulder reached out to grab him. Luckily, this caused the pursuing shopkeeper to miss grabbing Charlie completely and now, being caught off balance, meant Charlie, with the gentlest of pushes, sent the shopkeeper clattering on to the pavement.

Charlie looked at the man on the floor with quite a sense of achievement. It had been a long time since he had been taught that move and he was surprised to have pulled it off so effortlessly.

Charlie and the shopkeeper exchanged looks for a moment.

“Don’t do that again.” Charlie said. “I don’t want to have to hurt you.”

The shopkeeper took his advice and stayed on the ground, watching as he walked past him. Charlie had never felt this powerful in his whole life, the smile began to creep back.

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