goodbye again

Charles was stood, as one does at the funeral of one’s wife, at the front of the church, looking upon a sea of people. Some that he half recognised, half that he somewhat recognised and none that he really wanted to see now. However as the husband of the dead wife, tradition, if nothing else, dictated that he must say some words and this is why Charles was stood at the front of the church.

“Judy and I, although meeting later in my life, had a joyous, loving, relationship and were gifted with our son, the wonderful Daniel. To have her so cruelly snatched away from me, in such awful circumstances, is something I would not wish on even my most dire enemy and I urge all of you, to go home today and make sure your loved ones know how you truly feel, as I never had the chance to do this with dear Judy.” Charles nodded once and stepped down from the lectern, which was soon filled by the presence of the vicar.

Charles’ speech had been somewhat from the heart, but in truth it had been written by his sister, who was far better at these things.

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