cat fight

“Welcome back Charles, nice of you to return finally.”

“Hello Katherine, yes it is indeed nice to return. May I introduce you to Miss Alexa Alberforce. Alexa, meet my sister Kath.”

“Well it is mighty nice to meet you Kath. Charles has told me all about you.”

“Yes I am quite sure he has, all complimentary I am sure? So what are you doing here Miss Alberforce? Come to see the English weather?”

“Alexa will be staying with us for a while Kath. We met on the liner on the way over to New York, she showed me the city and I am going to return the favour.”

“And where will Miss Alber, apologies, Alexa be staying Charles? I have seen the staff getting one of the guest bedrooms ready.”

Charles could see the glint in Kath’s eye, she knew exactly what she was doing. She didn’t however know how fierce Alexa could be and before he could answer, the two had faced off.

“I will be staying with Charles in his bedroom, the same as he has been staying with me in mine.” Alexa quipped.

“Well I am sure Cook will be absolutely fine with that, won’t she Charles?”

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