a force to be reckoned with

“Look, it just isn’t the done thing over here my dear. My family, not to mention the staff! Would be in bally uproar if they knew I was spending the night in bed with a woman who wasn’t my wife!” Charles had been making the case throughout the entire train ride from Southampton to London. It wasn’t working.

“Isn’t your wife, yet, Charles.” Alexa replied

Charles didn’t respond to this. Well he didn’t respond vocally, his face wrote an entire novel for Alexa to read.

“Why does discussing us getting married, make you look like you’ve swallowed a red hot bowling ball Charles?”

“Ah, bla, er, it, I don’t know, it’s just not something that is done in England.”

“I am damn well fed up with all these things that are ‘just not done’. I am staying in your bed, with you and I don’t see how you can possibly stop me. If you have a problem, I will simply return to New York. Alone!”

“Fine.” Charles replied, picturing Cook’s face, when she heard what the new master was getting up to upon his return from America. It was going to be an interesting few days at the very least.

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