the game is afoot

“I’m not sure I believe you Charles.”

“Well you bloody well need to Alex, I’ve traced him through the records. The handwriting on this letter matches the ones in the registry. It is him, as hard as it is to actually believe that after all these years.” Charles replied to his cousin.

‘He’ was a man that Charles and Alex had first met a long time before, in the mud and blood of the first war. Behind enemy lines, on a mission that had gone badly wrong, the two had ended up trapped, trying to work out how to get back to their own lines whilst dressed as German soldiers, their original mission having become completely impossible to carry out. Despite their efforts, they were captured, treated as spies and tortured mercilessly before they managed to escape back to their own lines.

The man that caught and tortured them, was the same man that just killed Charles’ second wife. The same man whose wife and family had been killed by one of Charles’ agents in the second war, in an attack that was meant for him. This wasn’t blackmail, this was a cold, brutal revenge attack, intent on destroying Charles.

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