where to guv’nor

“Charlie has left the house.”

“Charlie has no idea what to do now.”

“Charlie is lonely and cold.”

Charlie should stop talking to himself he thought.

What was interesting about this, was that the person watching Charlie from the subterranean room with the glowing screens, was using Charlie’s words, to make notes in the logbook of Charlie's movements. The individual thought it was mildly amusing. The individual’s manager did not think it was amusing and the individual would discover that at their appraisal next week. However, for now, the individual was revelling in their wit.

Charlie had stopped walking and was sat on the ground under a tree, looking through the rucksack. He was very cold, so was pleased to find a jacket and a flask of tea in the bag, he poured himself a cup whilst he planned his move.

The railway was his only really clear thought. It brought him in, so it would take him out, but take him out where? He was on the run from the global security agency, an agency that prided themselves on seeing everything everywhere. It was only a matter of time before Charlie was found and then the nightmares would begin.

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