the biggest one yet

It was a nice pen. Good weight, the ink flowed well from the nib and the grip had just the right type of tactility. It was quite apt to be used to sign such a serious document, not that anyone else was ever likely to see this highly secret document.

Charles finished signing and passed the folder and pen to his cousin sat next to him. He made a motion with his eyes, knowing that his cousin would understand that this meant he should try and pocket the pen.

The two had quite a collection of purloined items from this war, some from their own side, some from their enemies, all of it worth money. It had become more of a game than anything else, a light hearted side bet on the whole shooting match.

The documents were handed back to the man on the other side of the desk, the two men stood up, saluted and turned on their heels. As they reached the door, the voice of their CO sounded from behind them.

“You can keep the pen gentlemen, if you carry this one off, it is the least I can do for you, you’ll probably deserve it.”

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