ponderous musings

All the good work that the weeks of country air and no work had done for Charlie, had dissipated during one conversation with Gina. True, the conversation had started under a duvet, in the middle of the night with the TV blaring and had ended downstairs on either side of the living room, in a full volume shouting match, so it wasn’t what one would call a normal conversation. But still, by the end, Charlie was a shell of the man he had been and had run out through the front door.

He was now sat in the middle of a field overlooking the house. He figured he would sit there and see what happened. It had become pretty obvious during the shouting, that Gina was in on the bugging and that most, if not all of the stories she had told him, since he had arrived, had been pure fabrication.

The thing Charlie still wanted to know, was why he was being watched and arguably who was doing the watching. He assumed it would be something to do with his late employer, but whether it was just standard practice or special treatment was the real elephant in the room.

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