“So your Daddy was a real life duke?” Red said from across the dinner table, although duke sounded more like dook.

Daniel nodded “Well Yes, but no. He was a real life baron, I’m also in fact a real life baron. I just don’t use the title professionally. Gives people the wrong idea.”

“Is he still alive, your dad?”

“Alas, no. He had me late in life with his second marriage, I was born to continue the line, an afterthought really. He never fully got over the death of his first wife, she was an American, vastly glamorous apparently. They met before the first war, she died whilst he was away fighting.”

“What was her name?”

“Alexa Alberforce.”

“Of the New York Alberforce’s?”

“Yes I would assume so, that is where they met. How on earth did you guess that?”

“My Grandmother was a maid for the Alberforce family. She got herself into trouble by getting pregnant out of wedlock. She never told us who my mother’s father was, it has always been the big family secret!”

“It was probably my grandfather’s valet.” Charles said, pouring them both another glass. “Can you imagine what the life was like back then?”

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