love on the boulevard

“Fifty ninth and fifth?” asked Charles

“Yeah that’s what I said Joe, fiddy ninth and fifth.” came the reply from the hot dog seller.

“Joe? I’m Charles”

“Joe, do you wanna dawg or not?” came the reply, although the not was pronounced more like nor-wart.

“Sir I think we just need to walk a few more streets to find the park.” Charles’ valet said from behind the pair. “I believe we are on 55th and fifth, so shouldn’t take too long.”

Charles turned away from the hotdog seller with a confused look on his face.

“Strange sorts these New Yorkers hey Jack?”

“Yes sir, they have their peculiarities.”

The two were walking down the wide New York street, it was a brightish morning.

“So last night Jack, what did you get up to on your evening off?”

This was a loaded question. He knew that his valet had taken one of Alexa’s maids out the previous night, he was intrigued to see how much Jack would let on.

“Nothing really sir, A walk by the east river and some dinner at a small french bistro I found.”

“French food hey Jack. A little fancy for a dinner on your own?”

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