pillow talk

It was 4am and Charlie was wide awake with Gina snoring gently next to him.

Charlie hadn’t really slept properly since discovering the bug on the front wall a few days earlier. He hadn’t said anything to Gina, as his professional paranoia had kicked in as soon as he had seen the bug and now everyone was a suspect. Gina more so, due to the bed incident.

What Charlie was laying in bed wondering, was, who would be watching him and why? Occasionally his brain would crash off and wonder whether his very arrival at this house had somehow been orchestrated by whoever was watching, at which point he’d had to take some deep breaths and calm himself down. He had also been working out how he could ascertain whether Gina was a watcher or a fellow watchee. He couldn’t see a way to do it without telling her about the bug, but he’d have to be careful to not let on to anyone watching, what he was doing.

He rolled over.

“Gina wake up, we need to talk.” he said. Then he clicked the TV on, turned the volume up very loud and pulled the duvet over their faces.

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