american diner

“Well, I was in full bally black tie and some other guests weren’t wearing a tie at all Jack!”


“Yes sir, it seems that standards are a little lower on this side of the Atlantic.” Jack replied, whilst assisting his charge in removing his immaculately pressed dinner jacket.


“And what did you get up to this evening Jack? Get a taste of the ‘Big Apple’?”


“Something like that sir. I believe I will find this city most amenable.”


“Good good, need to make sure you get something out of this trip too. Oh, I met this extraordinary fellow at dinner, a chap called Woodhouse, English chap, writer. I’d never heard of him, but apparently he is quite the upcoming thing. Do you know of him?”


“I think that might be P.G Wodehouse sir. He has a novel, entitled, Love Among the Chickens. It was published recently in America and one would assume he is here to promote the work. May I enquire into Miss Alberforce sir?”


“What would you like to enquire into?” Charles said, handing Jack his socks.


“She seemed to be quite keen on you sir.”


Charles gave Jack a sideways glance.


“Keen you say. How rum!”

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