A few days had passed since Charlie’s tied to the bed episode and his life was settling down to a nice magnolia peace. The first peace he had really experienced since finishing his studies at Trinity, which he had found out subsequently from his ex employers, was where his biological father and grandfather had studied.

It was true that Gina, did, occasionally disappear and he found it strange that there was no regulation of the timetable for trains in the station, but it affected his life little, so he paid little attention. He was a far cry from the uptight, stressed, borderline alcoholic of a few weeks before.

He was however. keen to get his phone charged. Several weeks had now passed and whilst he didn’t have many friends or family left alive, he assumed someone would be looking for him. He got up off the sofa to find Gina.

Crossing the front garden, he noticed something odd near the front gate. It looked like a small beetle, but as he got nearer he noticed the telltale glint of a lens. It was a bug2. His heart pounded, he had seen these at the office. Someone was watching the house.

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