killing time

Whilst Daniel excelled at observation, languages and communications; the killing and physical coercion side of his job was always hard for him. Adding to this was the fact that his target was an Englishman and he was going to have to kill him in cold blood. The only respite, was that he had been given free reign over the method he could use to assassinate him and unbeknownst to the general public, MI6 had many varied and clever ways to end life. The hard bit in this case was making it look like an accident.

This ruled out shooting hs target with a sniper rifle, it also ruled out most of the poisons available to him, as these would leave telltale signs to any medical examiner, who due to the seniority of the target, would almost certainly be assigned to investigate. He could pay a thug to beat him to death, or run him over in a car, but Daniel wasn’t a fan of these due to the excess of pain they created. What Daniel needed was a quick, relatively pain free and untraceable method.

“Push him in front of a train.” Red said from the pillow next to him.

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