chatanooga choo choo

“You should just take it to D.I. Deacon and let him deal with it.”

Kath and Charles were in a taxi heading to Paddington station. Kath hadn’t stopped talking about the letter.

“Charles, whether it is someone trying to blackmail you, or a lead on whatever the police were looking into, it needs to be dealt with properly. Us dashing off to the country to do whatever it is you think we’re gonna do there is a waste of our time and energy.

“I didn’t ask you, to come with me.” Charles responded without looking at her.

“Well, yes I know, but…” she was cut off by Charles icily.

“But you don’t have anything better to do, because you don’t work.”

“Well, if you’re going to be like that.”Kath said.

Silence reigned in the taxi

They boarded the train, which made the journey to their old part of rural England with no fuss, eating a perfectly acceptable luncheon on the way. Relations thawed between the siblings as the journey continued and when they were met by the station master at their stop, they were in good humour.

“Mr Yates?”

“Yes. that’s me”

I have a letter for you.”

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