the hole

Again Charles had found himself in a hole. However, this time rather than a dead Tommy for company, he had his cousin and a very alive, pissed off, bound and gagged German general. The binding and gagging was good, in as much as it stopped the man fighting back or shouting out, but bad in as much as it meant that he had to be manhandled by Charles and Alex anytime they moved. Their original plan of bringing the man back in the tank, had been scuppered, when the tank had, well it had sort of been blown up. So now Charles and Alex and the general were in a shell crater in no man’s land.

“This is going to take an age.” Alex whispered under his breath.

“Yes I know, but what other choice do we have?” Charles responded

“Let’s ask him if he will walk?” said Alex

“Walk? Back to our lines, he’ll just run off.” Charles shook his head.

Alex pulled a grenade from his tunic and begun tying a piece of cord to the pin.

“Not if the pin in the grenade I’m about to put in his tunic, is attached to me by this cord.”

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