“I’m going to America” Charles said defiantly, to no one in particular.

He was sat at his father’s old desk, now blissfully clear of paper since he had taken on an accountant for the estate. Reading a double page spread, detailing a transatlantic liner trip to visit New York.

“What would be more fitting for the new head of the estate, than a trip to the new world. Now what should I say as the reason?” Charles thought for a moment before resuming his soliloquy.  “For, research! Yes that’s what I will tell them. A research trip for ideas on how to renovate the old house.”

The only risk, he thought, would be if one of his relatives tried to accompany him on the trip, but as he held the purse strings, he could easily put paid to that.

He rang for his new Valet.

Within moments the man had arrived.

“You rang sir?”

“Cripes you were fast Jack, I should have got a younger man much sooner.” Charles handed Jack the magazine. “Book us on this trip departing as soon as possible, first class obviously. Then I think we need to arrange to visit my tailor.”

“Very good sir.”

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