Charles hadn’t had his teeth rattled this much, since the summer he had made the stupid mistake of riding from London, to his house, on the back of a tandem bicycle with one of his school friends. This time however, he wasn’t on a bicycle, but inside a Matilda tank.

It was fiercely hot and noisy inside the beast. He was squeezed into the crew compartment alongside his cousin Alex and the normal complement of men it took to control the machine and fire its weapons. It was vastly uncomfortable, but from the ricocheting bullets he could hear on the armour around him, he was better off inside than out.

“60 seconds sir.” The tank commander shouted in his ear.

Charlie gave a thumbs up, checked his pistol was cocked and pulled his combat knife from its sheath. He checked that his cousin did the same, then they both braced against the rear door and waited.

“Line breached!” came the shout from the commander.

Charlie and Alex burst from the door of the tank and after a brief assessment of the surrounding environment, jumped down into the German trench. They had one goal for this mission, capture the German general.

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