Charlie was sat on a park bench, overlooking the valley that he had spent the past week exploring with the girl he had met at the train station. If he had been thinking more clearly, he may have wondered why a girl who lived at the train station, was exploring the valley where she lived at the same time as he, a man who had never been to the area before, was exploring the valley. Surely she would know her way around already. Right?

This however was not on Charlie’s mind. It was, in fact, the thing furthest from Charlie’s mind. He was so content and in the moment, that he could be held up as the shining example of the outcome of a mindfulness course. A week in the country, completely away from his life and the thoughts of the discoveries he had made about his birth father’s family, had lowered his blood pressure and added another eighteen months onto Charlie’s receding hairline. Not that Charlie had noticed his hairline moving yet.

“Oh here you are, I’ve been looking for you all over.”

Charlie turned to look at the girl from the train station.

God, she was so pretty.

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