this is the end

“Don’t you see? The empire is over. In a hundred years time, no one is going to be talking about the sun never setting on empire. The sun will have set and we will very much be in the middle of a long, cold, dark, night.” Alex said.

“Well someone will have to rule the world if we aren’t doing it. Who do you propose that will be?” Charles responded. He had got a bit bored of Alex’s doomsaying, but he was a cousin, so had to be given some allowances.

“The Chinese probably. Maybe the Yanks, Indians even, but it won’t be us. We will be some awful shadow, a pale reminder, like the Romans and Greeks. Once mighty, now just somewhere rich foreigners send their children to be educated and who themselves come and visit, slowly stealing away the heritage. God I really am depressing. Pass the brandy would you.”

Charles handed him the Brandy.

“Anyway Charley boy, how’s your war been? Bit surprised to find you back here.”

“To be honest Alex, I’m a bit confused as to why you are here? This being my house and everything.”

Alex went quiet.

“I had to escape the war.”

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