bad review

Charlie jumped in his chair.

“Jesus, I wish you wouldn’t creep up on me like that sir!”

“Bit jumpy this morning Charlie, been up to no good?”

His boss had appeared behind Charlie as he was sat in his cubicle. Truth was Charlie hadn’t been up to no good, however, he was fundamentally averse to really ever being up to anything that could be classed as good. He categorically did just enough to stay out of trouble, if he was a paint colour, he would be magnolia. The fact he was even employed by this organisation was purely a factor of his father’s involvement in the whole situation. He had been distinctly average in his education, doing enough to get by, without ever really shining enough for praise, or failing enough for support. One of life’s civil servants, an administrating, file shuffling, pencil sharpening, spreadsheet tracking human being.

“Charlie have you got a moment?” his boss said looking at his watch.

“For you sir, I have three moments.” Charlie replied smiling.

“Hmm, three? Oh ha yes very good Charlie. You’ll need to come with me, I have something I need to show you. We’ve been going through some old files.”

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