ok commuter

It always rained when Daniel had to use public transport. Well, obviously that wasn’t statistically true, but as far as Daniel was concerned, travelling on a bus was bad enough. So it always rained when he had to use one.

The reason Daniel was having to use the bus, was that he was being followed. This irritated Daniel as much as having to use the bus, or the fact it was raining, irritated him. This wasn’t some Le Carre novel, being followed by an unknown person and having to lose them was a pain in the arse and also, potentially lethal.

He had noticed his tail by her shoes. He hadn’t consciously realised he was even checking shoes, but when he became aware of seeing the same pair in brown leather with the Mary Jane strap, his training kicked in and the games began. He’d tried all his usual tricks to no avail and had now become bored with the process. So, he was simply sitting on the current bus until it reached the end of the line, somewhere in North London. The bus was steadily emptying, so he was keen to see whether his pursuer would keep her nerve.

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