operation sicknote

Charles was bandaged completely from head to toe and was sat up in bed observing the ward around him. Someone on the ward was apparently a spy and it was his task to find out who it was. He had been doing this for nearly three weeks and so far had made no progress at all.

He had taken the mission before being informed of the full extent of what the job would require. When he had read the briefing, he imagined himself being flown behind enemy lines, then being left to his wits and skill with a pistol to get the result. Or something like that. Not wrapped up like a mummy and left to wither away in this beige collection of damaged souls.

He sighed and rang the bell to summon the nurse. She was a pretty young thing and the one good outcome so far of the mission. As she arrived, he noticed a man enter the ward he hadn’t seen before. He was dressed like a doctor, but wasn’t moving in the confident self assured way he had seen all the other doctors move.

“Do you recognise that doctor?” He said.

The nurse shook her head..

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