wine cellar

The wine cellar and more importantly what to do with what was stored in it, which was mostly wine, was a pressing concern for Charles. He could sell it to generate some cash, but then that cash would be liable to be taken away by the government in one way or another. So he had been thinking that he might just drink it.

Now, obviously it would be impossible for him to drink the entire wine cellar. Well maybe not impossible, but at any stretch very difficult, so he was pondering on throwing the party to end all parties. A drink the house dry type of party, one last bash to see the old girl off, before she was lost to the family.

He would have to invite people very carefully. It was essential to obtain a good ratio of those that can handle their drink, to those that can’t. Parties need some calamity, but too much and more wine ends up on the floor, than in the mouths of those invited. If he played it right, he could leverage the party to set him up for years to come. Sharing great wine was a surefire method of social improvement.

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