I have been musing on the idea of creation these last few weeks. Mostly this has been tied in to the slow process of finishing the first draft of my second novel. Work, as ever, gets in the way.

I have created many things in my life. Songs, trainsets, essays, mess, heartbreak et al. Often the itch of creation has caused me to search to lower levels for a suitable scratcher. Drugs and alcohol have occasionally been used in the place of creation, when the creation I had available to me (mostly music) did not fulfil those needs.

These days I have found writing. Novels mostly (well at least two novels with a further two planned.) But magazine articles, short stories and this blog also all play in to my writing salve. I am happy to say I am excited to have found this, and whether or not it ever becomes more than just an outlet for that itch I do not care one jot. The peace it has given my mind is boon enough.

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