If I met a Roman…

Friday, another one.

I haven’t had time this week to really think of anything to write for the blog. So this is going to be a bit more free form than my previous excursions in to GCHQ, Drones etc.

I’ve spent the last couple of days filling my idle time at work with reading in to the Roman Empire. Today I read about its fall. They lasted over 500 years if you don’t include all the Byzantine Eastern Empire. All interesting stuff, but what really interested me was how we in modernity perceive ancient Rome compared to the actual reality of what happened. It made me think of our current timeline, in 1500 years time, whose empire will we be named under? Will we all be labelled under the British Empire, as it was really them that created all the current Western power centres? Or will it be the USA? Or will we be seen as an empire of companies? The first time that corporations truly held power over the entire world regardless of international boundaries. Perhaps we will be the Starbucks Empire? How terrifying. Or maybe amusing.

I wish I would have the opportunity to see what future humans think of us now, I would also dearly love to meet a roman and explain to him what we think of their world. I am sure there would be points that he would find humorous in our understanding. Alas this will never be. However, if you are reading this blog in 3515 and you are a digital archaeologist trying to piece together what humans did in the early days of the digital world, then hello. I hope things are OK. I would suggest you stay away from two girls one cup, spend a short time on FailArmy and a lot of time of Wikipedia. Hey is Wikipedia still going in the future? Or is it all just implanted in our brains now? So infuriating I will never know.

Onward in to the light friends, better that than back in to the dark.

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