War, what is it good for?

Absolutely nothing. 

I could and perhaps should end this blog right here, but I fear then it wouldn’t be much of a blog. 

I will be keeping this short though. War is a fruitless exercise. At best it is phallus waving by men who strive for power. At worst it is wholesale industrialised carnage. 

The dear Frankie Boyle said an interesting thing in an article I read recently. He noted that the western powers, namely UK and U.S. were now mercenary armies and that is why we no longer have war poets. Our gentler numbers are saved from the horror of war. Yet I wonder whether if our poets, musicians and writers were sent to a foreign land to fight and die, would those that came back be able to fully capture the nightmare and raise the awareness of what is going on? Thus perhaps turning the tide on our overseas activities. 

Until then it is left to journalists, many working for organisations with their own agendas and back room agreements to bring the stories home. 

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