The Company Man? – Are multi nationals the new nation state?

As I have travelled about this wonderful blue globe of ours, I have come to realise that perhaps the once proud nations we all used to belong to are now outdated concepts. With things like the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the boom in companies like Starbucks and Amazon basing their operations outside of the country they sell in. It seems to me that the true nation states are the corporations.

This of course is not always a bad thing, I for one think that there should be far fewer national boundaries. I think this as I have the feint hope that with easier migration; racism, bigotry and xenophobia will lessen. However if current examples in Europe are anything to go by, this isn’t the case. Put quite simply it becomes far easier for scapegoats to be found if there is an “other” to be blamed. We have seen this repeated throughout history, throughout the world. Even the Roman’s had it.

I recently re-watched Syriana. This film is ten years old this year and I found it quite interesting how its themes of company led government conspiracy and cover up, at the time seemed edgy. However, now with the Snowden findings and exposure to more humans to sources such as Vice News, Wikileaks¬†and the understanding of media power in general, the film almost seems cheesy. A very basic commentary on political corruption. We’re all almost used to the idea of these conspiracies now, so any film or TV show about these events, must be far more intriguing in its delivery.

So what happens next? Well without being a fatalist, as the world becomes hotter both physically and metaphorically, I can’t see corporations relaxing in their pressure on the American led western countries. Russia is an interesting counterpoint. They exist in capitalism and provide vast amounts of it’s resources. Although at the time of writing they are being pressured in this by the global low oil prices. This in itself, perhaps an attempt by pro American forces to force the collapse of the non traditional providers of oil and gas. Putin’s Russia, as let’s not beat about the bush, Russia is Putin’s. Has a quite blatant anti western stance, manoeuvring and posturing with almost reckless abandon. I wonder if we had a less moderate leader in the US, or a general public less jaded by over a decade of seemingly pointless conflict in the Middle East whether we would still have no military interaction in eastern Europe?

I truly believe that there is enough of a public upsurge in understanding of the new geopolitical situation, that we won’t ever be in a situation where governments can pull the wool over the eyes of the electorate again. However, I hope that the generous application of cheap ready meals, streaming box sets and other western luxuries, do not opiate our populations enough to allow them to miss moves and actions aimed at slowly stripping their rights to the benefit of big business.

3 thoughts on “The Company Man? – Are multi nationals the new nation state?

  1. Of course you cannot leave out China and all the large Chinese companies which are more or less controlled by the socialist government.


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